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Not only are mushrooms delicious, they can also provide us with many health benefits. They contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B and selenium which help support our immune systems and prevent damage to cells and tissue, fibre which aids our gut health and digestion and important proteins which our bodies require for muscle growth and retention.

Starting your day with this delicious medley of mushrooms on a piece on low carb, flour free toast, is a great way of nourishing your body and cells, setting you up well to take on the day ahead.

Mushrooms being a very low carb vegetable, have little or no effect on raising our blood sugar. Maintaining stable blood sugar levels helps us avoid spikes of insulin. For this reason, they are a great vegetable option for people to enjoy who suffer from diabetes.

Cancer patients who choose to take treatment by way of chemotherapy or radiation can often find that by regularly consuming mushrooms, they can aid in countering the side-effects of such treatments like nausea, bone marrow suppression and anemia whilst boosting their immune system, naturally helping their bodies fight the disease from within.

There’s just a few reasons to make more room for mush-room in your diet and enjoy the many health benefits!

For the recipe to our delicious cashew sauce which is used to drizzle over the top, CLICK HERE.

Follow The Directions

Use a mixture of your favourite mushrooms. For this recipe, we used a mix of button, King Brown and Oyster mushrooms. Make sure you thoroughly wash the mushrooms and allow them to dry on a paper towel before cooking so the water doesn't dilute the flavours in your pan. For the recipe to our delicious cashew sauce which is used to drizzle over the top, see description at the top of this page for the link.



Finely dice or crush 4 fresh garlic cloves and finely slice 1/2 a medium onion and place in a hot frying pan with two tablespoons of olive oil and sauté on a low heat, careful not to burn the garlic.



Roughly chop mushrooms, parsley and thyme



Once onions have softened and become translucent, add chopped assortment of mushrooms and stir through until they are coated in oil.



When mushrooms start to soften, add coconut aminos or soy sauce. If using soy sauce, use an organic or non gmo soy sauce. Allow mushrooms to keep cooking on a low heat until most of the fluid has evaporated.



Toast bread (We used the low carb bread from Aldi Supermarket but you can make your own at home - Search Low Carb Bread) and place mushrooms on top.



Drizzle with cashew sauce and sprinkle with micro-greens (Optional)


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