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Spinach is great steamed and served as a side dish, added to soups and curries.

If you are not eating organic spinach, be sure to wash the leaves well before consumption as they do tend to contain some pesticides on the skin surface. You can mix 10% white vinegar and 90 percent warm water and soak for around 10 minutes then rub and rinse.

Why Spinach is good for us


Why Spinach is good for us

Although Spinach falls under the leafy green category, we feel that it is an important to include spinach as a standalone vegetable in the “Fit 50” as it can help patients undergoing chemotherapy maintain iron levels as well as its ability to help prevent some cancers.

Spinach is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin which are carotenoids that can remove unstable molecules called free radicals from your body before they get a chance to damage it. Also found in other dark leafy vegetables, some studies show these carotenoids could protect against cancer of the mouth, oesophagus, and stomach.

Several human studies link spinach consumption to a reduced risk of breast and prostate cancer. Eating this leafy green may also help prevent breast cancer.