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We recommend eating one 150 – 200g serve of salmon per week as well as supplementing with a good quality fish oil daily. Ensure that the salmon is wild caught, not farmed as farmed salmon is fed colourings and hormones to make them grow faster.

Salmon is delicious when pan fried or baked in the oven, served with mashed pumpkin and asparagus. Try seasoning the salmon with fresh rosemary, cracked pepper and a small drizzle of honey.

Always remove the skin as it contains small amounts of mercury.

Why Salmon is good for us


Why Salmon is good for us

Consuming salmon and other oily fish have been found to lower triglycerides and raise levels of omega-3 fats, far more than white fish.

Salmon is known for its omega-3 fatty acids, and is a great protein option that helps improve brain function, protects against inflammation, and can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, if you have cancer or are pregnant, eating raw salmon is not advisable. Make sure you cook salmon or any meat through to ensure you kill and bacteria, parasites or pathogens before consumption.