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Honey – Raw & Preferably Organic



Adding a little honey to a hot tea with lemon, not only makes it taste good and help soothe your throat, but its antibacterial properties can actually help reduce infection. Add half a teaspoon of honey to your breakfast to add a little sweetness, but don’t go overboard as honey still is very high in sugars, being 40% fructose and 30% glucose. The remainder is a mix of water, pollen and magnesium and potassium.

Why Raw Organic Honey is good for us


Why Raw Organic Honey is good for us

For centuries honey has been used in a variety of ways for its antibacterial and antiviral properties to help fight against illness and diseases. Even to this day, some hospitals around the world still use honey to treat wounds.

Recent studies have shown that honey improves our immune system, has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties as well as speeding up the healing of chronic ulcers and wounds and scavenging toxic free radicals. For these reasons, honey has recently been studied to test its ability to fight the effects of cancer in both cell cultures and in animal models.